As one of the only people I’ve ever met to not enjoy ‘Predator’, I’ve no real stakes when it comes to the sequels. They’ve been trying to win over the long-term fans for an age now, where the ‘Alien’ films have branched out despite a backlash against their new exploration of the continuity lore (I’m a fan of pretty much ever ‘Alien’ film by the by, despite critical consensus). Shane Black clearly wants to try and revisit some of the cheesy 80s ‘Predator’ goodness but completely misses the mark due to a lack
of humour and bizarre pacing.

The plot is pretty basic for the most part. A Predator ship crash lands on earth and a bunch of military men (including Sterling K Brown from ‘American Crime Story’ fame) go toe to toe with one of cinema’s most iconic foes. With the bountiful addition of some Predator dog things and another big ass Predator that looks not entirely unlike a WWE superstar, we get some explosions and interesting death scenes.

My main gripe, as mentioned, is that the film is uncomfortable in its own skin. It’s got a strange vibe where it tries to throw itself face first into the action but then dabbles in sparking dialogue regards P.T.S.D and autism. It’s over the top like the original but no attempt at humour lands to give it that jovial vibe. ‘Predator’ was never really a horror film, it was always a camp action sort of deal.

Conclusion: A bizarre attempt at recapturing almost exactly 50 per cent of what made the original work and failing at even that. Its fun enough as a bit of an action romp with a cool set of bad boys but the brevity is lacking and overall it just feels messy.


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